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The Bald Head Island Club
Minutes from Wilmington on the southernmost of North Carolina's barrier islands, this unique golf destination is accessible only by passenger ferry or private boat. With no cars and no crowds, Bald Head Island preserves the natural beauty and stress-free lifestyle of a simpler time. The island is blessed with 14 miles of pristine beaches, thousands of acres of protected salt marshes, and a spectacular expanse of maritime forest. Whether you come for a round at one of the region's premier golf courses, a savory culinary experience offered at four distinct dining venues, an unforgettable family getaway, a beautiful wedding reception or the vacation home of your dreams, you'll discover an island oasis of fun and relaxation with year-round activities and amenities for all ages. Inquire below about a Guest Membership when planning your next stay. The Bald Head Island Club is a Private Club for Members and Registered Guest Members Only.
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golf course


The heart of the Bald Head Island Club is undoubtedly the golf course.

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